General Meeting – 23 June 2005

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Minutes of the Meeting of June 23 2005 at Champlain Park Fieldhouse, Ottawa

Attending: Daphne McCree, Amy Kempster, Bill Royds, Erwin Dreessen, Janice Seline, (recording secretary)
Chair: Bill Royds

1. Call to order: 7:45. The agenda was amended as follows:
a. Break Item 3 into a) Membership Report b) Treasurer’s Report c) Run/Walk report
b. In Item 4, replace b) Kanata Special Study Area Appeal with 5 c) KNL appeal and plan of subdivision appeal.
c. Combine Item 4 c) Update on Poets’ Pathway campaign with Item 6 b) Proposal to Maria McRae/NCC for terms of reference for a secondary study for Southern Corridor/Poets’ Pathway
d. Add Item 4 e) Greenspace Master Plan
e. Add Item 4 f) Ottawa Riverkeeper report
f. Add Item 6 d) Letter to Champlain Park Community Association thanking for use of Field House.

2. Approval of minutes of May meeting, approved with comments and addition of the amount of Bill Royd’s approved expense, $162. Moved – Erwin Dreessen, seconded – Daphne McCree

3. a) Membership – Janice Seline reported that Timon LeDain has applied to be added as member. Moved to approve –Janice Seline, seconded – Amy Kempster. Unanimous.

Janice Seline reported plans to do a membership renewal campaign in the summer, and to try to sell Run/Walk t-shirts as well. There are about 20 shirts to sell at $15. per shirt (picked up) or $20 per shirt (mailed or delivered).</p

b) Treasurer’s report – Amy Kempster had no report, due to lack of bank statement.

c) Run/Walk report – Janice Seline reported that the Run/Walk was under-attended (30-40 participants) despite best efforts on the part of the committee. Consequently Greenspace’s share of the profit will be about $150. There is, however, some extra money left from years previous that should be distributed, so the share will likely be about $500, subject to approval by the Run/Walk committee. There are questions about the participating organizations, and about whether the event will be held again next year, to be decided at the upcoming committee meeting. Amy Kempster proposed to attend that meeting.

4. Brief announcements

a) Bill Royds reported that all of our Official Plan appeals have been settled, with the exception of Country Lot Estates. Greenspace Alliance is also a party to the NCC’s appeal of the designation of the Southern Corridor lands and Rochester Field appeals. Kanata Special Study Area appeal has been dropped. A response was received from the Ottawa Municipal Board appeal, but Greenspace Alliance’s attendance was not noted included in the decision.response. The OMB should be notified concerning the omission.

b) Concerning the KNL appeal, Amy Kempster met with people from Kanata (Mik Svilans and group). She presented studies and recommended a public awareness campaign and fundraising for the appeal. There was an article about the appeal in the Citizen. She estimates that the cost of the appeal may be $20,000, as expert testimony is required.

c) Erwin Dreessen has sent a letter of thanks to Ed Broadbent for his support of the Poets’ Pathway project. Maria McRae has also written to Marcel Beaudry of the National Capital Commission inquiring about their support of the project. There should be a response from M. Beaudry following the May 3 presentation. There has been some discussion of the project with François Lapointe, also of NCC, with no commitment expressed.

The following steps were suggested:

The drafting of terms of reference for a secondary planning and study document.

Seeking a major sponsor or foundation support.

Getting the support of the Beechwood Foundation, where interest has been expressed.

d) It was reported that the road through the Goulbourn wetland has been approved by Ottawa City Council.

e) Erwin Dreessen reported on a public meeting he attending concerning the City of Ottawa’s Greenspace Master Plan. Only 8 citizens attended, but Bruce Finlay gave an excellent presentation. The Facts and Strategic Directions sections of the Plan have been revised. Deadline for comments is now August 26.

f) Erwin Dreessen reported on the Ottawa Riverkeeper annual general meeting, chaired by Dan Brunton, who made a well-illustrated presentation of “special places” on the Ottawa River. Meredith Brown was the main speaker. This group is now interested in the entire Ottawa River watershed, in all its aspects. They address a broad range of river-related issues, including the Chats Fall bypass, the Chalk River nuclear plant, farm run-off and biosolids on fields, pulp mills, spills, pesticides. They have established a network of river watchers and will be producing a first Annual Report this fall.

Erwin suggested Meredith Brown as a keynote speaker for the Greenspace Alliance AGM. The Plante Bath at Somerset and Preston is a venue to consider.

5. Previous business

a), b) A meeting has been planned on Sunday June 26 to deal with Items 5 a) and b), Leitrim Community Design Plan and 5309 Bank.

c) KNL appeal and plan of subdivision appeal – Covered in 4 c

d) already covered in 4b)

e) Erwin Dreessen reported on how Waterloo Region reviewed development proposals. There was nothing further to report on EIS revisions and proposals.

6. New Business

a) Membership of Greenspace Alliance in the Ontario Nature Network was discussed. Bill Royds reported that the Network offers groups such as ours liability insurance for $75. It was agreed that this should be further explored, as the cost seems very low. The Network also offers seminars on topics like changes to the OMB, and certain co-ordination and exchange among groups. Amy Kempster moved that the decision to join should be delayed pending further investigation. Daphne McCree seconded. Unanimous.

b) Proposal to Maria McRae/NCC for terms of reference for a secondary study for Southern Corridor/Poets’ Pathway – covered in 4c)

c) Covered in 4 c)

d) Action on Greenspace Alliance organization. Erwin Dreessen reported that the Trillium Foundation grants are not matching grants. Capacity building is a priority for Trillium, and this what Greenspace Alliance needs to do. Erwin proposed a communication with the email list soliciting participation with a view to growth and succession. It was agreed to work on this proposed communication.

e) A letter of thanks is to be sent to the Champlain Park Community Association for the use of the Field House. Amy Kempster will draft it and Bill Royds will sign and send it.

7. Adjournment – the meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm.
Moved by Erwin Dreessen. Unanimous.