General Meeting – 24 March 2011

Friends Of The Greenspace Alliance
Minutes of March 24, 2011

In Attendance
Members: Amy Kempster (chair), Erwin Dreessen, Alicia Reckzin (note taker)
Guests: Jason Kania, Gregory Richardson

Greg and Jason introduced themselves. Greg organized the March 8 presentations on urban trees where 35 people heard presentations by Janet McKay (Founder and Executive Director of LEAF, a Toronto-based NGO dedicated to the protection and improvement of the urban forest) and Tracey-Lee Schwets (City of Ottawa Forestry Services Branch); Greg has applied for membership on OFGAC. Jason was with the Sierra Club for 12 years and has been active in the City Council scorecard exercises; he has set up the SC’s national office web site, using Drupal.

Minutes of 28 February 2011
Alicia moved and Erwin seconded adoption of the Minutes as amended. Carried. Erwin will post them to the web site.

Convent OMB Appeal
Three Community Associations have launched an appeal. Amy suggested she may make a Participant statement, pointing to section 2.6 of the Provincial Policy Statement (Cultural Heritage).

Wildlife Festival
The need for volunteers to man the FGA booth was discussed, as was the need for photocopying materials.

SLAPP legislation
Amy will request Dave Morrow’s comments about legal aspects.

OMB Hearing on Amendment 76
Urban Boundary: Amy made her presentation on March 7. A later 4-day mediation effort was not successful. The hearing continues.

Flewellyn: Negotiations initiated by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing are expected.

There was a brief discussion of the priorities of the group. Words vs. action.
Erwin moved, seconded by Alicia, to appoint Jason as a Director. Carried.

Next meeting
Next meeting will be April 19. Amy will canvass the Directors to see if they are agreeable to henceforth meet on the third Tuesday of the month. Erwin suggested the Hunt Club / Riverside Park Community Centre on Paul Anka Drive may be a suitable new venue.

Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.