General Meeting – 26 July 2011

Greenspace Watch
Meeting of July 26, 2011
RA Fieldhouse.


Members present : Erwin Dreessen (chair and note taker), Sol Shuster, Jason Kania,

Regrets : Amy Kempster

The meeting commenced at 7.15 p.m.

Jason moved, seconded by Sol, to approve an agenda proposed by Erwin.

Approval of Minutes
The Minutes of May 24 were revisited and approved with amendments. Minutes of June 27 were also approved as amended.

Business arising from the Minutes
– Urban Natural Areas: Jason is 20% done with checking their zoning status.

– Site Alteration By-law: At the OMB Flewellyn hearing (part of appeals of OPA 76), City witnesses revealed that Amy MacPherson is now tasked with developing a proposal. She realizes it will require wide consultation. The aim is to have a by-law passed in 2012.

– A “Lessons Learned – post-Fernbank” session remains on the agenda.

– Greenbelt Master Plan: A number of Greenbelt Coalition members wrote to the NCC regarding the three proposed land use concepts, expressing dismay at the lack of a long term plan in line with the adopted Vision.

Organizational renewal
a. Sol moved, seconded by Jason, to appoint Erwin as Treasurer. Agreed, with the understanding that room will be made for a new Treasurer if found.

b. Sol, seconded by Jason, moved that Erwin proceed to open a bank account (as per Motion in the meeting of July 4). Amy, Jason and Erwin will have signing authority. Two signatures will be required on cheques. Agreed.

c. Jason moved, seconded by Sol, to appoint Sol as Vice-Chair. Agreed, with the understanding that, ideally, we’d like to attract a Co-Chair from the Quebec side instead.

d. Alicia Reckzin will be asked to now activate the membership register.

e. Green-News List: Jason expects to have the sofware for implementing the proposals of last February ready in September. List subscribers will then be queried and ability to subscribe via the web site will be implemented.

f. Web site: Updates of the web site are ongoing.

g. Juan Pedro Unger has again offered to check the mailbox once a week. Erwin will retrieve the key from Alicia.

Update on OMB hearings (OPA 76)
a. Flewellyn Special Study Area and other Environmental Matters: The hearing took place over eight days between June 14 and June 30. Ken McRae and the Greenspace Alliance (Amy and Erwin) worked in complementary fashion and the City also fairly defended Council’s decision against several proposals by Cavanagh (the only developer active in this hearing). A Decision is pending.

b. Cultural Heritage and Design Guidelines: During the Flewellyn hearing it became apparent that developers’ appeals of several clauses with environmental impact would be heard at this hearing. The Greenspace Alliance is asking for Participant status and has provided witness statements by Paul Renaud and Bob Abell. The hearing starts August 15.

c. Urban Boundary, Phase 2: The OMB has decided that an additional 620 hectares should become urban. The City is currently inviting comment on what additional areas should be proposed for development. The deadline is August 12. Sol is working with Paul and other members of the Greenbelt Coalition to submit comments, taking the 2009 staff proposal for 850 hectares as reference.

d. Airport and Employment Issues: Settlement negotiations regarding the Greenspace Alliance appeal have concluded. Proposed terms will go to Planning Committee on August 15 and Council on August 24. The hearing starts September 19.

e. Country Lots and Villages: No update. This hearing starts October 24.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.