Oxford Forum for Sustainable Cities 2015

While location and the hefty registration fee will not make participation in this forum at Oxford University (17-21 December 2015) practical, the summary of topics, list of speakers and suggested background reading may be useful.

Summary of topics

“This forum will explore the state of the art and policy applications in sustainable urban development, drawing on the expertise of the leading experts in the field. With a clear interdisciplinary and sustainable development focus, the forum will bring together practitioners, experts and policy makers form range of disciplines: regenerative cities, sustainable urbanism, renewable energy, sustainable transport, ecological economics, environmental sciences, geography, architecture, psychology, complex systems theory, etc. to address the current challenges: climate change, biodiversity loss, resource depletion, water shortages, social cohesion and achieving sustainability in the urban context. At its source of inspiration, the forum will have a range of ecological economic ideas, namely material balance approach, multidimensional assessment of sustainability, and thinking beyond GDP. Particular attention will be paid to sustainable urbanism, green economy and new architecture in the context of London and beyond.”

For the list of speakers and suggested background reading (with links), go here.

Erwin – 1 October 2015