Greenspace Alliance appeals OPA 173 and location of Stormwater Pond

On July 13, 2016 , Ottawa City Council approved an Official Plan Amendment to implement a Community Design Plan for Kanata North — a 181 ha parcel, variously owned, and future location of some 3,000 housing units, schools and much retail and sports fields.  The plan was three years in the making.

Contrary to how an integrated process under the Environmental Assessment and Planning Acts is supposed to work, the 30-consultation period for the “projects” recommended in the various Master Plans and the appeal period for the Official Plan Amendment ran simultaneously.

On August 17, the Greenspace Alliance submitted a Part II Order request under section 16 of the EAA, asking that Stormwater Pond #3 be located in the Kanata North urban area itself, not in the adjacent rural area.  Here is our letter.

The same day we filed an appeal of OPA 173, on three grounds:

1- the conditions of OP policy 3.11.2 have not been met — the OPA is premature;

2- the notification requirement prescribed under Bill 73 have not been fulfilled; and

3- the determination that woodlot S20 is not a significant woodland is not substantiated.