CRC media release of February 18, 2008

The Carp River Coalition issued a media release in order to draw attention to what is believed to be the solution to the Kanata West conundrum: The flow of the Carp River must be improved, not just in the urban reach as is planned by the developers and the City, but all the way to the Village of Carp. That is where the Ontario Court of Appeal, in 1909, determined that the “sufficient outlet” of this watercourse is located.

Read the press release here: EnglishFrançais


Our press release was reprinted verbatim in the February 22 edition of the West Carleton EMC weekly paper; there was also a Letter to the Editor. As well, at the very end of his story on Day 2 of Ted Cooper’s OMB hearing Patrick Dare in The Citizen had an oblique reference to the “comprehensive solution”.

The press release brought about an article by Sara Falconer in the Ottawa Express of 28 February, dealing with the Kanata West fiasco in general and the “comprehensive solution” in particular. (To avoid misunderstandings, a few corrections: 725 ha is the size of the Kanata West development; the planned intrusion in the flood plain [as determined in 1983] amounts to 28 ha. Ted Cooper and Darlene Conway are two of the three water resources engineers employed by the City. The quote “If you’re going to turn the river into a municipal drain, that work would have to continue up to the village of Carp” was in reference to what the Ontario Court of Appeal confirmed in 1909. However, that remains true today!)

David Spence, President of the Friends of the Carp River and member of the Carp River Coalition, made the same point again in The Citizen of 21 April 2008 (article by Patrick Dare).