In memoriam Al Crosby

Alvin Crosby (74) and his wife, Suzanne Parent (72), died in a Piper Cherokee crash near Port Hope on August 13, 2022 around 9 p.m. Al was a member of the Alliance since its earliest days and took the lead in several of its files, including the defense of the Montfort Woods (1998-2004) and our involvement in the development of CFB Rockcliffe (now Wateridge Village, 2007-2015); his concern about the many significant trees in this new part of Ottawa continued as the development progressed. An experienced pilot, he volunteered to fly over the 2014 tree massacre in Kanata North so that another Alliance member could take photos.

Veterans will remember Al’s involvement in JACPAT and the 1993 Champlain Bridge fight.  More recently Al participated in the debate about an Ottawa River crossing at Kettle Island. 

His contributions to various discussions were always well thought out and extensively documented. He will be sorely missed.

There was a service for Al Crosby and Suzanne Parent on 8 September at 1:00 pm at the Beechwood Memorial Centre, followed by a celebration of Life at 1:30 pm.

In December the Transportation Safety Board released its report about the plane crash. The exact sequence of events could not be reconstructed due to absence of data but it seems a wing touched a tree which led to the crash.